Spider-Venom was always getting attacked,so he went on to make some armor to go with the Symbiote.


  • Enhanced Durability: Appears to be able to withstand a direct impact from a hydrogen and atomic bomb without any obvious harm coming to the wearer. It is also fully capable of deflecting bullets, though Spider-Venom expressed discomfort in being hit.
  • Built-in Web-Shooters: This suit comes with built-in web-shooters that fires webbing from the forearm instead of the wrist.
    • Magnetic Webbing: The suit is equipped with magnetic webbing which blocks out all radio frequencies, or at least severely interferes with them.
  • Carbonadium: Spider-Venom had added some carbonadium plating on the back of the mask to protect him from any potential mind-swap.[2]
  • Talons: Spider-Venom had added retractable sharp talons on his hands and feet, which he uses in combat against his enemies. The talons can also be used to inject nano-spiders-tracers with GPS and listening device.[3]
  • Enhanced Lenses: Spider-Venom had also added HUD and tracking abilities to the lenses of his mask. Damage to the mask makes the lenses darken, as if the systems shut down.[3]
  • Spider Button: Spider-Venom has also turned the spider symbol on his chest into a button that can be used to activate traps for his enemies.[4]
  • Unstable Molecules:
200px-Spider-Armor Mark II
    • Omni-harmonic mesh provides cloaking and sound cancelling abilities.
    • Comes equipped with Anti-Metal Spider tracers.
    • The suit can mend itself.

Enhanced Features

  • Enhanced Lenses: The lenses are now black in color.[5]
  • Spider-Arms: Four mechanical spider-arms used for combat. They are seemingly based on the spider-arms from the Iron Spider Armor.
  • Special Wrist Device: The suit features a special built-in communication device that can be used to exchange calls or to activate/control nano-spider tracers injected in a person's body.[5][6] Recently he has swapped out his old devices for newer ones specifically tailored to combating the venom symbiote sporting flamethrowers and sonic web[7].
  • Talons: Carried over from his previous attire being retractable but slightly larger and still possessing nano-spider injection ports, which have been modified to detonate causing both paralysis and great pain.[6]