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Hiya <insert name here>! I'm Neon1Umbreon, but you can just call me Neon.

I'm a mod on the wiki, a Discord mod in particular. If you have any questions, you can message me on my message wall and I should be able to respond in a timely manner.

|-|Random stuff about me = * I love Pokemon, if you couldn't tell. My favorite Pokemon are the eeveelutions, my favorite out of those being, well, Umbreon!

  • My favorite PC game is probably Hiveswap, although the upcoming Heartbound looks awesome!!!
  • My favorite (music) artists are Robert DeLong (he's from my hometown lol), Twenty Øne Pilots, and Glass Animals.
  • My first plans for my FNaF OCs were absolutely terrible. They were Mary-Stus, but you can't blame someone who's new to stuff like that, as at that time I had no idea what a Mary-stu even was.
  • I can lead roleplays on other wikis, but I never can find the energy to lead any here. Kind of sad.

|-|Being a Neon Umbreon = It's hard being a neon umbreon. A neon umbreon is just a shiny umbreon with donnish blue rings instead of the normal color. It's hard being a neon umbreon. People want to catch you all the time. I've had poke-balls thrown at me multiple times. It's not fun.

|-|My Friends =

Sister: Uber

Boyfriend: I'm currently dating someone but he's not on wikia.

Best Friends: Phantom (great guy, really fun to roleplay with [Like everyone here pretty much] and us pretty cool and chill.)

IronBoy88 (really cool guy, he wants to make sure things run fairly well, and knows a lot about Homestuck.)

AznTheFox (Who is now AznTheRedFox, but whatever. Take that back now he's something else.)

DreamsoftheFallenLord (whom I am fairly sure was also a aj warrior cat at one point in time like myself. But that's cool. Maybe my clan ran into her a couple times? And she's also dead as fuck right now :'( )

Alpha (pretty chill dude. he's fun to roleplay with.)

MettatonNeo44 (amazing roleplayer. we didn't get along very well for a whilebut (i think) we do now.

TSTHITC (ahahahahaha did you actually think I was going to type the whole thing? No. But Starman, you're pretty cool.)

Tyler (really cool guy, definitely knows how to help with a situation. I consider him a friend.)

Phealan: Good roleplayer and a pretty nice guy.


Pretty much everyone else I'm in regular contact that hasn't been mentioned yet.

Well, tell me if I forgot you.

|-|Moderatorship =

Currently I am a discord mod, so if I'm on Discord and an issue occurs, you may ping me and I will intervene on the situation.

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