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Coding was done by The meme queen feel free to request some on her wall

So, it's Iron
You likely know me form one of the many RPs here or from some other wiki.
If not, chances are you're new to the Wiki.
And if now, then where the *ahem* have you been if you're here?
So, I have five badges right now: Key to the Ass, Stopping by to look at Ass, and Welcome to the Bacon stand out.
And for making a profile, I am making an Ass-troduction.
So make your own!
And seeya around!
...just dun stalk meh wall plz.

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And feel free to leave your mark here, just...
Don't mess with anyone elses. Coders? Go nuts. Quote box is below, feel free to add whatevah.

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"Uber learned from Lightning"- Neon, in response to an initial quote of mine.

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