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Ultimate Custom Night - Spranp Editon is a fanon game that X Spranp created, along with his friends.


Welcome to the Spranp mashup, where you are trapped in a office hiding from animatronics in which you set the rules! 55 customizable animatronic can be chosen. How long can you survive your own playground full of animatronics?


Image Character Description
Lockjaw icon
Lockjaw he will start in the Parts And Services room. If he stares at you through the monitor, click on him to deactivate him.
Torture Device he will start spawning clones of him everywhere in your office. Interact with one by typing in D-E-V-I-C-E on the keyboard so they can all fade away.
Fredtrap he will crawl on the floor, so he is the silent one. He will mostly be seen in your office, so press the "LIGHTS OFF" button to fend him off.
Breadbear this bear demands your flesh, and it's best to keep him at bay! Shut down the ducts to fend him off or he will stand in your office for a few seconds, waiting for you to notice him.
Dewey the ink-bottle man has returned. Keep him in the library by shuffling the bookcases to stop him from leaving the library. If he leaves he will get to your office, getting ready to mix your blood into ink!
Chester meet the treasure chest that stopped getting Bendy and is now catching you! When he is on a path, create a path to Bendy, so that Bendy will regret every bad thing he will do! But only for a few minutes.....
NightmareCN (1)
Ass He will appear in your office and say his most famous quote: "It's time to copulate with some dongs" and start making UFOs (Undefined Fucking Objects) if you don't flash your light at him, he will jumpscare you.