A grey timber wolf with pink fur also. a pink and gold bow on her head and light green eyes. long tail with a pink end. at night her eyes glow white and black.
Theresa the timber wolf 7

theresa in the daytime


Theresa was a timber wolf  animatronic who was happy and kind in the the day but shy and nervous at night. she was took to fnaf 1 on day 3 and heard loud screaming and yelling and many  animatronics moving  about the Pizzeria. she wanted make friends but she did not know if it was safe for her to go meet them. she ¨thought should I go meet them or is it to scary...
Theresa the timber wolf

thersa at night (base used)

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Theresa is caring and nice to her friends but shy and nervous to enemies and trys to speak up but to scared to out loud. when her friends need help she may get loud, but this is rare. she may tell them to stop but if they keep on going she may stop and get quiet again. she loves Matthew as her BF (boy friend.) and hopes Matthew loves her back.

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