Theodore William Baker was the ruthless manager of the bakery division of the Fazbear Entertainment brand and a con-artist who gave his employees and everyone else misinformation that usually led to their death, He also had many buttons in his office, which all were connected to the guard office. They all had a unique function to terrorize the guard's office, although he never used them, Paul Lamar, after killing him, used them instantly.

Theodore served as the tertiary antagonist of the Week in Freddy's Bakery series, and appeared as the main antagonist of Week at Freddy's Bakery 1 and one of the two main antagonists of it's sequel, before being killed by the other antagonist, Paul Lamar, and was overall one of the three key figures responsible for destroying the reputation of Fazbear Entertainment.


He is the main antagonist of Week in Freddy's Bakery, one of the two main antagonists of Week in Freddy's Bakery 2, and a posthumous antagonist in Week in Freddy's Bakery 3.

Overall, He is the main antagonist of the actual story of Week in Freddy's Bakery and Week in Freddy's Bakery 2, while Paul is the main antagonist in the minigames of both games. Theodore has no role in Week in Freddy's Bakery 3 other than appearing on a portrait in his office.



In the pop-ups in the final night of WIFB, Theodore is shown to be a bald man wearing a suit and is smiling. He also appears to have soulless-black eyes, but this is possibly due to the black and white nature of the picture.

In WIFB2, he is seen in the final minigame as a grey figure with an evil grin and black eyes.


Theodore is first shown to be an easily angered and irritable boss, who rants about his concerns to the security guard and yells alot. Although he is shown to rant about things that are protecting the security guard, despite being aware of the animatronics but simply not showing it. He later starts to trick the security guard into killing themselves as the nights go on. He eventually tries to kill the protagonist by unleashing the dangerous animatronics, and ends up failing. He is shown to be desperate, as in the second game he tries his hardest to get the protagonist to listen to his commands, and when failing tries to kill them, but is instead is killed by Paul before he can kill the protagonist himself.


Week in Freddy's Bakery

He is the phone-guy and seemingly the deuteragonist of the game at first, giving Jarique Kregson helpful tips to survive the first night, but this slowly changes as he starts to give him misguiding tips such as doing the exact opposite of what he's supposed to, attempting to lead him to his death. His "tips" start to get more and more false and misguiding as each night goes on.

At the final night, he suddenly stops talking in the middle. After this point, the night will progressively get harder, and black-and-white images of Theodore will randomly flash on the screen. Jarique will randomly start hearing whispers, and the animatronics will get faster and rapidly go to the office. Theodore is never heard from at this point, and only appears in the pop-ups.

Week in Freddy's Bakery 2

Theodore returns, once again as the main antagonist of the game, although he is never a presumed deuteragonist this time. He will attempt to fool the player once more, but to no avail. After a while, Baker will get mad, knowing that Kregson won't do as he says again due to experiencing it before. Baker gets impatient quickly, and attempts to kill the night-guard with the buttons in his office, but unfortunately, Paul comes up from behind Theodore and slits his throat, killing him. Theodore is dead and never seen after this, and Paul becomes the game's only main antagonist.

Week in Freddy's Bakery 3

While never being seen as he is dead by the time the game takes place, Baker's office can be accessed and serves as one of the key locations of the game. His portrait can also be seen inside.


Is this thing on? Alright. *clears throat* This is the manager speaking, Welcome to the Freddy Fazbear's bakery division. This is probably the largest bakery on the entire earth, We were actually going to rename it a "pizzeria," but we have FAR too many pizzeria divisions, so we just decided to keep it as a "bakery" even though it looks nothing like one. Anyways, enough rambling. Time to help you get settled in on your first night; So basically, you see this giant gate infront of you? uh huh? uh huh? Press that button besides it to close or open it. I mean why would there be a button besides a giant gate? Not putting it there to close or open the gate would just be terrible design. We don't want that, And what's even the point of putting a gate in a SECURITY OFFICE when you're meant to GUARD the PLACE, not YOURSELF!.. Man, Fazbear Entertainment never listens to me. Anyways, the gates are practically useless as you have nothing to hide from, Alright that's enough recording for today, see you tomorrow.
— Theodore's first phone call.



  • Theodore was originally gonna be blue.
  • He was inspired by Cave Johnson from the Portal franchise.


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