The Order of The Scarlet Ghosts

The Order of The Scarlet Ghosts' members are usually elite ghosts which have incredible powers nothing like the other normal ghosts which can not push or move objects like the scarlet ghosts which have this ability because of an spell or a "promotion" or even how badly they want to be alive or the anger which is inside of the spirit of the person or animal which becomes a ghost.

Relationship with Other Groups

Although the Scarlet Ghosts are ghosts, they also like to take interest in other groups. These groups include:

Group R-48: This group is interested in paranormal activity or supernatural happenings which happen in the pizzeria which, as fate has it, the Scarlet Ghosts "lay" or "rest" so they may encounter each other


The reason for the Scarlet Ghost is very interesting and an old story ranging from the 1900s to this date

(I will go with the theory that FNaF 2 is a prequel and FNaF 1 is a sequel but with the pizzeria before the second one is a prequel to the prequel to the sequel)

Freddy Fazbears Family Diner (before FNaF 2)

In this pizzeria the ghosts were there, but no order was formed, although they noticed the animatronics. The ghosts in this pizzeria were mainly other ghosts from other causes than the pizzeria's animatronics 


The ghosts were acting the same in this one as the one before this, but the thing now is that the Bite of '87 happened in this pizzeria, so that makes one child "dead" (it is stated that the victim survived but not for how long) also for the kidnapping of the kids that also were stuffed in the suits as well as Michael (OC!!) 

The order was formed shortly after Michael's death. 

====FNaF 1==== 

This is where the order is formed and is the most active. While the kids and adults and employees of the pizzeria are gone, the guard (mike) experiences "hallucinations", mostly caused by the Scarlet Ghosts or Michael. 

Members (as of this date)

Michael: The most powerful of the ghosts and is considered the leader of the order.

The five children: The five kids who were kidnapped was also very powerful, mostly due to their young deaths, but the thing that makes them "weaker" than Michael is that they died together  unlike Michael, who died alone, sadly.

The Medieval Ghosts: The ghost from 1000-1900 those who died in battle