"There are these sheeps in Sheep/Goat stable... Erhm.. I believe the white one won't harm you... But keep an eye on her just for sure..." ~ Phone Gal


Swissle is a white sheep animatronic and is the best friend of Shepherd and the sister of Bandit. She is one of the 3 characters in Sheep/Goat Stable. She does move to the office, yet won't harm you.


Swissle is a very nice, friendly and calm girl, she will always try to stay out of fights or any other bad things. She also will never harm anyone and is fully against the use of violence and dislikes the "Get the Nightgaurd" game from the others. She usually will try to stop the others, but always seems to fail at doing this.


Swissle the white sheep


  • Swissle is the only animatronic who will not kill the nightguard.
  • She always tries to stop the others from harming people.
  • She tries to keep her brother out of trouble.
  • She is afraid of Chaos.


Shepherd: Best friend

Bandit: Brother

Greeda: Friends

Buster: Complicated

Chaos: Worst fear

Angel: Unknown