She is a brown animatronic cat,with brown eyes.She wears a black bow tie.She carries a paint brush,her stomach is outlined a shiny white.That has paint splatters as decorative details.

Behavior FNAF V.1

Sprocket will start at the Craft Center and will move around rapidly near the office and rarely hides in blind spots. She will then start towards the kitchen where you an hear giggling. She will stick around your office and roam around the pizzeria. She will sometimes cause you to hallucinate.


Sprocket is an animatronic that works at Flynn's Family Diner and Dessert Bar.She works with the kids and teaches them about art and planets.


  • She has paint splatters for decoration
  • She is the most active animatronic
  • Her giggle resembles a child in high pitch
  • She doesn't like the dark spaces of any room and tends to like to drain the power of the player and appear on the camera's in bizarre places.
  • At her starting point she can be seen glitching rarely
  • If she is set to 20 in A.I she will try to attack immediately and faster
  • She can run down the hall
  • In FNAF 2, the toy sprocket is not fooled by the mask and you must shine your flashlight