Springtrap is the main antagonist of A Twisted Night at Freddy's 2, He is the aggressive and bloodthirsty container of William Afton's corpse. He is also the final boss of ATNAF 5.


Springtrap is a green rabbit with several rips on his body. He is missing an ear and the skin of his feet, William's corpse can be seen inside his costume. He also holds a knife, He also has blood on his costume.


Even after getting impaled inside a suit, Springtrap is still capable of speaking. He will be active at every single night and is really hard to get rid of. Once he sees the player, He will lunge towards them in a high speed leaving the player no choice. To survive from him, Don't let him see you.



  • He is the only animatronic to use weapons.

Springtrap returns in ATNAF 5 as the final boss and main antagonist.


He looks the same.


He appears in the final room. Walking in will trigger a cutscene where he will look behind him and say "Well, well. Look who it is! Jeremy, I've been waiting for you." Jeremy Fitzgerald will then say "It's time to end you for once and for all, Afton." Springtrap will then say "I am no longer Afton, My name is.... Springtrap!" triggering the boss fight. At the end of the boss fight, Springtrap falls to the floor and Jeremy sets him on fire. Burning Springtrap to death once and for all.


It's unknown how he returned.

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