Sparky the dog by mojo1985-d84dmnw

Not to be confused with Sparky



Sparky the Dog is a dog animatronic myth from the first game.

Sparky hides in the Parts and Service and in FNaF 3 the vents.

In his own place,Sparky can go through all enterences(both doorways and vents).


  • Sparky is one of the 2 dog animatronics in the series of FNaF Rps. the other one being Howly.
  • Sparky is the only one with no relatives. (Could be more)
  • Sparky has a nickname that everyone calls him: Spark.
  • Sparky is a very popular animatronic myth in Five Nights at Freddy's.
  • There was also a myth that he once had his own place until Freddy's,then after Freddy's it was rebuilt but could not stand up to the competition brought on by John's pizzeria and fell to pieces after only 2 months.