Sonny is a friendly animatronic who restores the player's power in Five Nights At Freddy's 2.


His abilities are: restoring player's power by 10%, (15% if lights are on). He is known to teleport, and may scare the player, but does not kill the player. The only exception to this rule is if the player puts on the Freddy Fazbear Head.


He is murdered on the 4th Night, his killer being Bonnie 2.0. His corpse can be seen on the Parts & Service camera, though only his head and arms can be seen. As for his legs and body, it is unknown as to what happened to them, or where they are located.


"Hey friend, gonna give you some power."

"These animatronics are not good, so here's some power."

"No need to be scared, I'm friendly."

"Bye mate."

"See you soon."

"Good luck."

"Don't get caught."


  • He is the only Animatronic who is not an entertainer for children.
  • Sonny is known to be supernatural, because he doesn't appear anywhere in the Pizzeria.
  • His eye colour is blue.
  • He is a German Shepherd.
  • He gives power whenever he appears in the Hallway.
  • Strangely, when he finishes his quote he disappears.
  • His fur color is grey.
  • His game over screen is unique, as it shows the player headless in the Office.
  • His jumpscare shows him running at player.
  • When he appears, the player can't turn on the lights, but can pull up the monitor.
  • He has a scar near his eye.
  • If he appears while the lights are on, he gives more power.
  • It is unknown how he can give power to the player.
  • If he encounters any other animatronic, he disappears.
  • He appears 1 time per night.