Simon is the brother of Garry and enemy of Foxy in Five Nights at Freddy's.


Nothing much is known about Simon, but it is known Simon joined pizzeria in 1986. It is unknown why Foxy is his enemy,


Simon's appearance is the same as his brother, but he has a darker fur, and his home is the Dining Area.


Simon runs and stares like his brother, but notably Simon is weaker, because he drains 8% of power and he bangs once on the door, unlike his brother. However, he's capable of running faster.


Disabling electronics (even animatronic's eyes):Simon is able to blind cameras and electronic eyes, and disabling many other electronics stuff. Simon use this ability every 50 minutes.

Slightly higher jump:Currently, it is unknown why he has ability to jump and jump slightly highter than normal humans.

Upgraded vision:Unlike his brother Garry, Simon has upgraded vision making him able to see an object 1000 meters away very clearly.


Foxy - Enemy.

Chica - Neutral.

Bonnie - Friend.

Freddy - Neutral.

Garry - Friend.

Puppet - Neutral.

Sonny - Friend.