Ryan, the amazing tinkerer.

-Ryan's descriptive things-

Ryan is 5' 11" with brown hair and brown eyes. Ryan can re-activate any animatronic as long as the main power core isn't destroyed on it. He owns Wolfy, the animatronic wolf.

-Ryan's Backstory-

He was born in New York, New York, in [REDACTED]. He can create things, teleport through dimensions, and fix almost anything electronic. He ran away from an abusive mother after his father was killed in a hit and run incident, and learned to fix and build things from trying to survive on the streets. He went to UD, and graduated in [REDACTED] with a Masters in computer sciences. He has created his own plane of existence, and shares it with Anaconda, a friend of his.

-Ryan's abilities-

Ryan can build things, hack things, can handle his way with a gun, and is a street racer. He can morph into [REDACTED] which can [REDACTED]. He can also bond himself with Icicle, the Icewing dragon to have improved abilities.

-Present day-

Ryan tends to battle with Kaine Reily, and also truces with him once in a while. He bought and repaired Wolfy, the Animatronic Wolf and Anaconda, the snake animatronic, as well as giving them enhanced abilities, even though Anaconda is still in the prototype stages.


(taken from a SOS message sent to Icicle)

Whatever you do, run. Do NOT look back. Icicle, Majin's found me, he's in my house. I've hidden the Antimatter, get it. Use it against him. Do NOT make a deal with Wolfy. He's gone rogue, I think. He's working with Majin. I have 3 things to tell you. One, Majin's found Anaconda, so you'll have no allies in this. 2, the Antimatter is -removed- 3, Avoid Majin. Try falling back to the Obelisks. There are secret p- (end message)

-Present 2099-

(Excerpt from Jon's journal) Holy s**t my dad has all these crazy theories and designs. I never knew some of this. I mean, Kaine and Fireburn have one weakness. And I could quite possibly destroy a galaxy killing those two, if I had the time and resources. Thank you, Dad! Without you and your research, I would be at square one. Can't wait to see him on the outside. (End)