Rules of Roleplaying


Don't use FCs in "standard" roleplays.

No NSFW, even soft things.

Don't excessively cuss.

Don't spam.

Please, do NOT godmod.

  • God Modding could also be excessively dodging and blocking certain attacks

Please be nice to others.

No killing without permission.

Types of Roleplay

Standard: No FCs, stay inside the pizzeria.

Misc: Any characters, stay inside the pizzeria. Although they can be different pizzerias with different things.

Standard with FCs: FCs allowed, stay inside the pizzeria.

Game: Game mechanics only, no FCs, stay inside pizzeria.

Crossover: Like the name suggests, you can be any character, and can overlap with the types above.

Erotic Roleplay (18+): This roleplay has sexual encounters in it and must be carried out in PRIVATE MESSAGE. Both parties must agree to have an erotic roleplay. Erotic roleplays are not to be carried out in Public chat.

Mature Roleplay (15+): This form of roleplay deals with mature situations like religion and politics, this roleplay will also have swear words in it. You are expected to act orderly and just, hence the name "mature".

Punishments for breaking rules

ROLEPLAY TYPE RULE PUNISHMENTS: kicked out of RP, but not chat.

General rule breaking: Break 1, warning. Break 2, kicked. Break 3, Ban for an indefinite period of time.

These rules were agreed on by all admins and chatmods.

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