This turquoise raccoon has a very specific mission given from a specific animatronic. This guy is already in The Office , which may sound OP, but there's a catch. He was locked in the wardrobe, because he was too heavy to get carried all the way to the junkyard. The management thought that this would solve the problem, but Raggy has an old friend... Foxy .

Game Mechanics

While the security guard is trying to make it through the night, Raggy will try to get out. After getting out, the guard will have about 5 seconds to close the wardrobe himself, or else he'll get killed. On the later nights Raggy will try to trick the guard and after he'd turn, Raggy will close the door himself and then Foxy would snatch the guard from behind (unless he would turn around then the door would close after 3 seconds). If the mask is on then the noise of opening the door won't be heard at all.