Phantom Fredbear is a fan made phantom antagonist.


Phantom Fredbear has a torn top hat (which isn't purple and is mostly said to be burnt) and a broken ear, along wth his other ear missing. He has no leg too, and a head rip tears to his eye.


"I caused the bite" - Phantom Fredbear in a distorted quiet voice.


He will start appearing in your office on Night 9. Flash the flashlight at him rapidly until he dissolves into nothingness. If he turns solid he will jumpscare you if you put your monitor up.


  • He appears to be a death version of Fredbear.
  • In his teaser, he appears to be in darkness. Brightening it up will reveal his body.
  • His jumpscare acts like that of his mouth opening and closing in distortion.
  • In Version 3.5 he had a different jumpscare, which will show his body glitching out. In Version 5.0 it is brought back.

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