This isn't William Afton!

This character, Paul Lamar is not William Afton from the original FNaF, but rather the creator's own version of the Purple Guy. Please do not pester the author to change it to William Afton.

Paul Lamar Jr. (born Tim Signer) is an infamous serial killer that has been on the loose for years and one of the three key figures responsible for destroying the reputation of Fazbear Entertainment, being the only one that is still alive.

Paul serves as the main antagonist of the Week in Freddy's Bakery series as a whole, appearing as the secondary antagonist of Week in Freddy's Bakery 1, one of the two main antagonists of its sequel, the main antagonist of the third game and the main protagonist of the fourth and last game in the series. He worked as a chef for the bakery, and is secretly a serial killer on the loose.


He serves as the secondary antagonist of the first two games, appearing as the main antagonist in all the minigames while Theodore serves as the main antagonist of the story, That is until Paul takes over Theodore's position as the gameplay-wise main antagonist, making him the singular main antagonist. He continues this role in the third game, but eventually becomes a protagonist in the fourth game.


Childhood, early life

Timothy Signer, born January 1st, 1969 was raised in an orphanage in the United States. his original parents were shot to death by a burglar when he was only a month old, and he was adopted by a couple. The husband, Paul had a heavy alcohol addiction.

Tim was scared of his step-dad, who would would abuse him when drunk, but his step-mother would protect him.

In school, Tim didn't do very good as he would occasionally lose pencils due to a specific kid, Stilford Rein, who would bully Tim everyday after class.

One day, Tim had enough. He brought a knife to school and went up to Stilford, and slashed his face, giving him a major injury.

Stilford bled out and had to have his entire face bandaged due to this. He was then sent to the hospital for years. Tim was happy that Stilford was gone, and resumed his school life without anyone knowing of Stilford's disappearance.

One night, his step-dad passed away due to liver failure, and Tim was satisfied.

Introduction to the restaurant

His mom passed away when he was 36, leaving him in stress and guilt. He then changed his name to his father's name, Paul Lamar, and took on a new identity. He was then hired to Freddy Fazbear's Bakery, where he saw an opportunity to take his anger out on his co-workers. He would occasionally kidnap and torture costumers and his co-workers then use their innards as pizza-toppings. but his biggest enemy was his boss, who would always ridicule and shout at him. When he attempted to assassinate his boss, he found out that his boss was in reality a bigger murderer than him. One night, Paul had enough. when his boss was recording a phone-call for the nightguard, Paul snuck up behind him and slit his throat with his pocket-knife, killing him, once and for all, He then saw a large control panel infront of him, which was operated by his boss, with buttons all related to charging dangerous obstacles to the security office. Excited, Paul contacted the security guard through a phone, and then mocking him and making him lose hope he'll get to 6 am before dying, to make it even worse, he turned on the neurotoxin in the guard's office and then told him that the clock is how many minutes the guard has before he dies. After the guard died, Paul was satisfied and the location closed the day after.

The Scarecrow Man

Artist's depiction of the Scarecrow Man.

After many customers had gone missing and the night guard's body was found, The local authorities decided to give this entity a name. "The Scarecrow Man". Although, it was not just Paul, and was a rendition of all the antagonistic figures to the joint combined. Many artists had drawn their depiction of the Scarecrow Man, although the artists were found dead after. Although the Scarecrow Man's identity was not yet known, a detective, Will Morgan was suspicious of one particular person, Paul, to have been the true Scarecrow Man.

Defeat & presumed death

All this time, Detective Morgan had been spying on Paul, waiting to pin him down for his crimes.

after 10 years, the detective finally decided to enter the pizzeria and confront Paul, who was at the place, dismantling the animatronics to finally destroy Fazbears.

The Detective cornered him in the saferoom, and confronted him.

Paul laughed, and lunged at the detective, who fought back, The Detective continuously punched Paul, and Paul kept blocking and dodging, until the Detective uppercut him, breaking his jaw.

Paul got up, and grabbed a wooden plank next to him, and hit the Detective, who fell to the floor, Paul stumbled towards him with the plank to finish him off, until the Detective took a can of bleach nearby, and splashed it on Paul's face, Paul, who was angered, and dropkicked the Detective as his final effort, the Detective stumbled backwards, and pulled out a lighter, and threw it at Paul, burning his face and presumably killing him.

the Detective, who was heavily injured, stumbled to the hospital, but died of blood loss in the process.

After his long fight with the Detective, he woke up in the hospital, with bandages all over his face, with only his eyes revealed.

Paul woke up in shock and looked in the mirror, his face was very changed from what he could see through. he took off the bandages, to find that his face was completely pale from the fire, his eyelids and lips completely burnt off, and there were black circles around his eyes. Paul started taking a liking to his new face, despite how burnt and unsettling it was. Paul laughed, and choked a doctor who came in the room to death, and rushed out of the hospital. After getting home, he read the news and found out Freddy's had a new location, the newly opened Frighty Scarebear's Horror Attraction! Paul put on his jacket, and went there, to find new victims when he saw that someone that he once knew already beat him to the punch..


Paul is a purple figure with a hunchback, He appears purple in the sprites and has big, empty, soulless, eye-sockets and a wide grin, He is usually portrayed with a disfigured face.

In the second game, he is a perfectly standing purple figure with large teeth, a huge grin, and as always, empty eyesockets.

In the third game, he looks similar to his second game sprite, but with a darker shade of purple and no teeth.

In the fourth game, his face is pale and has burnt eyelids, his lips completely burnt off, exposing teeth permanently. This is his only sprite with eyes, and he has dark circles around them. His body is still purple though.


Paul is a sociopathic lunatic. He is very insane, and usually quiet. He creeps out most of his co-workers, but his true personality is that he is selfish and hates every one of his co-workers, willing to kill and torture them and use their innards as pizza-toppings when he has the opportunity to. He is also an experienced fist-fighter and is very creative and uses anything he can as a weapon, and is heavily talkative to his soon-to-be victims.


Week in Freddy's Bakery 2

At the final night, Theodore tries to trick the guard again, but is cut off when Paul slits his throat from behind and takes his place as the Phone Guy. Paul gives an opening monologue to the guard, telling him that he's killed his boss and will make things much worse. He proceeds to activate all the special animatronics in the restaurant to come after Jarique, turns off his ability to shine his light to scare off the animatronics, and most dangerously of all, enables a neurotoxin in the office to gas the guard. He then taunts him and makes him lose hope for the rest of the night, making the guard more and more hopeless and tells him that he will shoot up his funeral. After the guard's death, he appears in the final minigame, watching as the pizzeria closes down. He then leaves the scene.

Week in Freddy's Bakery 3


Week in Freddy's Bakery 4



"Why hello there, security guard. I've killed your boss, but I'm sure he was giving you trouble anyways. Don't worry, I'm here to make that even worse. so first off, Let's activate the special animatronics, Second off, Turn off your ability to shine your light. And finally.... Lets turn on the neurotoxin."
— Paul's intro monologue to the security guard.
"You're not going to survive this night, I'm sure of that. Oh, and the clock is no longer the timer until the night is over. It's a timer till you die. I doubt you'll survive six hours, because the neurotoxin is spreading fast. And if you stop your breathing, you'll die faster. You surely can't do anything at this point. You must be hopeless. Meanwhile I'm enjoying your suffering. What's your name? Let me read the papers. *papers crumbling* hmm... *papers crumbling* Oh, Jarique Kregson? That's the stupidest name I've heard this year. Your death won't upset anyone, not even your family. Your friends might be sad about it, though... Oh wait......
— Paul's speech during the final night.
OH LOOK AT THE TIMER! It's just about to go down, and you're going to die! Well I think you're already dead at this point, so I shouldn't bother. How's it feel knowing you can't even fight me? Oh and if you haven't noticed, you're strapped to the chair, so you can't run away, You'll die alone here, and I'm going to get away with it. I bet you're crying. When you die, I'll shoot up your funeral. The timer's at 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4.... 3... 2.. 1.


— Ditto.

And I fhought (lisp) I was fhe (lisp) murderer. You fhroved (lisp) me vrong (lisp), We are so alike, and in another lifetime, We could have been friends. But clearly not this lifetime, because you've failed all those chances. And because of fhat (lisp). You will suffer, as I have suffered.
— Paul's speech before the final showdown against Stilford Rein


  • He was originally named Harry Singer.
  • His sprite in the fourth game is the only sprite of his to have eyes.
  • Paul is the only one of the three key figures that destroyed Fazbear Entertainment that still lives, and was also the one who killed the others.
  • Paul, unlike the real Purple Guy, does not ever turn into Springtrap, or a variation of it.


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