Parafex was once human, as a kid he loved Freddy's family dinner so much he paid for birthdays, parties and once a day he walked inside everyday to greet the animatronics.

Parafex's real name is still unknown to this date (but can be revealed in DEEP role-plays) the theories stretch from names like Jason, Max, Michael and numerous others.

Once day Parafex walked inside the pizzeria and no one was there he walked out the door but in front of him stood a "man", "dressed" in purple. From that day and onwards he had magical powers, he has become a mage.

Parafex was always curios about the pizzeria and visited many years after he became a "mage"

(Thought this is not known by Parafex his real mage purpose was to "give life" to the animatronics also known as binding the souls to an object or in this case an animatronic he was "sent" by the "purple" guy)


Chaos form in this form he will completly rage and destroy many things in this for he is most powerful

Parafex looks like an ordinary human, and he is 19 years old.

His hair is blonde and he has blue eyes.

Also, Parafex has 3 forms.


Mostly human with normal element binding abilities


In this form his cosmic and supernatural take a big role they now can alter minds and objects (Small like 5 cm)

Armored/Upgraded Human

In this 'form', Parafex has armor and is very powerful. He can now make metal bend and he can possess weak minds

War Mage

This is his internal form in this form. He is like Wraith armored 2 times.

War Mage Form
Wraith Form

Chaos Form

In Chaos Form,

He will rarely become this, this form will only be unlocked by love, rage or other things.

In game

"There's some rumors of a 'wizard' or a 'mage' inside the pizzeria. I personally think its nonsense thought i don't know if "he" is any danger or not you will perhaps find out so talk to you tomorrow"

Phone Guy (FNaF1) Night 3

"And also one thing to notice is that there's a mage here. I think but a mage? Really this pizzeria's staff are crazy goodnight!"

Mage sketch modern by amytaluuri

Phone Guy (FNaF2) Night 4

Parafex is not really in the game, but can be unlocked and seen running down the hall in FNaF 2.

Parafex makes an appearance in the West Hall Corner in FNaF 1.


Parafex is very powerful he can shoot lightning, fire, ice and push objects.

Parafex can easily be killed

Parafex is not the name of the human vessel. Parafex is a mage spirit which lived for over 300 years ago but is not always possessing the human


"The animatronics are soul binned by some random person"

"Ohhh, Bananas!"

"Prepare for death"

"There is no way out"

One of his form this form is an upgraded version of him with armour which powers his powers

"Run, Just run"