Since I am to lazy to write a bio right now, Here are some quotes...... Who are they? Just ask me. I have a ton.

For those who use my domain as their personall playground, to those that hide there treachery in my shroud, I am the darkness that swallows all, I am the thing that goes bump in the night, I am the death that follows the swift outing of a light........But for those who are righteous, for those who do what they believe, and what others believe, is right, for those who believe I can protect Them......I am The Star That lights The Way.....I am THE Night Of Stars, I AM NightStar!!"

NightStar, (Aka Moi) To anyone who actually pisses him off.

"This may not Have been My world originall haven I safeguarded, nor is it the one I wish to have.....But it needs Me now.....And I will not Abandon it when it needs me the most."

NightStar To Galaxy And Celestiall Regarding The protection of an alternate dimension.

"You don't understand do you? I am your goddess, Your life-giver, your empress, you are but my plaything, I have snapped your soul, broken your spirit, and shattered your mind, and still you fight....for what? Your home? Your dignity? Your family? It is none of  the above. You fight for yourself, and those you bad I killed them would Have made a formidable opponent" 

Extinction To a broken Nightstar.

"Because, After all, After fear, comes totall Oblivion.......Unfortunately, you won't live to see it"

Oblivion To NightStar

"No one F*cks with us, or our family, or Him...We are different, but we are one in the same....We are his mind...or what is left of it, afetr what you did. We each represent a little part of the greater whole.......And you just pissed every single one of us of......Your death will be slow and painful. Prepare to die, you mallicious Bitch"

Caid, Semaj, Kitty, Angelina, Shade, Jack Frost, J.D, Jimmy, Elie, Maria, Infinity, and Annihilation to Extinction.

"I am your archenemy, James....Because, in essence, you ARE your worst enemy....And That enemy would be me."

Caid To NightStar.

"Yeah, well guess what, I'm Back, And YOU CANNOT STOP ME NOW"

NightStar (Ultimate Perfect Form) to Every single villain in The marvel, DC, Heaven's Lost Property, Rosario + Vampire, Scott pilgrim, Transformers, Percy Jackson And the Olympians, Yu-gi-oh, Pokémon, and a shit ton of other Universes

Anyway, those Are some quotes Now, The character

NightStar: Aka James Shimigami, aka A bunch of other personallities, Which include Caid, Semaj, Kitty, Angelina, Shade, Jack Frost, J.D, Jimmy, Elie, Maria, Infinity, Siria, and Annihilation

Ok, back to lazy mode. will work on it more later.