Story of Neon the Fox

Neon starts at the Parts & Service. He is a new animatronic but he is shut down due to him being dangerous. He became "dangerous" when a manager walked down the street with this animatronic's parts, and neon neon graffiti filled the parts of Neon. After he was built, he became active and made a neon gun to shoot Mike Schmidt in the guts, which caused Jeremy Fitzgerald to turn off Neon. Confirming he is unstable, Jeremy asked the manager what happened. The manager said: "I dunno." so after the opening of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza 2 they tested Neon with a training dummy, and Neon bit him, shot him, and even set him on fire. Reacting to neon's actions, a surviving Mike Schmidt threw a tennis ball at the shut off button on Neon. THE END

Neon's AI

If you set Neon's AI to 20 he will be extremely hard, by shutting down your vent lights, deleting some time to the music box while your winding and even disabiling your cameras! he will do that very often, during 20/20/20/20/20/20/20/20/20/20/20/20/20 (Including Neon and Golden Freddy) He is disabled until night 4 his first move would be heading to your office, shutting down your vent lights.

Neon is very dangerous, due to being one of the scraped suits, and having been stolen by the purple guy with white eyes. The other 2 suspects used Freddie's suit and Golden Freddie's suit.

Strategies/ Weapons he would prefer

Neon the Fox prefers any thing that could kill anyone, like improvised tools, guns, melee weapons, and the one and only weapon that everyone uses is forcefully stuffing someone is a suit. He stuffs like this: Step one: Knocking unconscious and waiting for a nose bleed, Step two: losening eye sockets. Final step stuffs in suit. His powers are Neon and swift powers making anything out neon and turning stuff into neon gas for him to drain. Since he can drain things, he drains 10% of power. (In FNAF1) He drains a box of power, including disabling the vents.

Neon's past

The beginning of Neon's story was not the first time he was built. He was a former band member in Fredbear's Diner. He got scraped from there, then he was moved to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. He was scraped due to killing a child and his mother. The child's name is Lexi (Girl 9 years old) The mom's name was Kari (Female 39 years old) he killed them by grabbing a gun from the janitor's office then shooting them in the head with a Deagle. Then Fredbear's Diner got attacked due to that murder. They threatened to close Neon's job. After more murders from Neon's Murder acts, they scraped Neon. After the diner got closed the police was hoping that Neon would act better in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.