"I don't know if this is important info but a thing to note is, umm a human is in the pizzeria, I don't know what he is he usually umm... ehh he takes apart stuff and scavenges the pizzeria for tools or weapons."

FNaF 2

He is active all the nights, but won't do any harm to you but perhaps disable your lights or cameras.


Michael was one happy kid at Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria but one day he slept in the dining room and his mom was gone when he woke up and the pizzeria was locked.

One of the animatronics found him and stuffed him in the suit but since his size was so small he could still live and walk but he become mad and insane.


In one future Michael becomes a ghost and is watching every step and move that anyone takes also he makes some hallucinations for other guards.

Michael may also get out from the suit in a rescue mission in one future.


How he looked the day he got stuffed in a suit.

It's is also very unknown how he is looking now probably very unhealthy, very hungry and most probably rotten. Also, he has black eyes due to no expose of sun light but he managed to survive.

Friends and enemies

As of most roleplays he is a ghost either haunting the suit or just spirit but he does take interest in the marionette and mike the marionette.

He really dislikes the Incinerator and "tries" to stop it from doing anything since he loves the animatronics.


-In his ghost form he can:

Push Objects: Michael is a very powerful spirit so he can push move and interact with objects.

Static Producing: As stated before he is very powerful and can make electronic devices that run on power not batteries to go out.

Burn objects: He can burn objects at free will.

Possession: He can possess suits and humans to his own will but he rarely does this.


As all ghosts he can be destroyed, but then an item which he was connected with must also be destroyed

He can't touch pure steel.