aka Tyler, Sumio the Squirrel

Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in Indiana
  • I was born on June 12
  • My occupation is doing things
  • I am male


Hey, everyone! This is HugeClockTowerFan's (or Tyler's) message wall! Glad to see you here! If you need to message me, put what you need and shoot it to me. You can send me ANYTHING. However, I'd prefer if there were a few guidelines to prevent you from getting in trouble. Here's some of them!

  • Message me about ANY harrassment, spam, or any problem here on the Wiki. I'll need proof if I am to take action, however!
  • DO NOT message me about admin positions. Three reasons why. One, it's not just my decision. It's every admin's decision. Two, asking just sets you back. I will immediately say no and I bet the others would too. We will come to you if we decide to promote you. Three, our admin positions are filled. We don't need anymore!
  • You CAN message me for fun! I love fun and random messages! I just do not like it when the random messages are spammed!

Got that? Good! In that case... TYPE AWAY!

Also, thanks to Sank for the awesome message wall decal.

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