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One night Beast Boy wanted to repair Mangle, but as a surprise rebuild. So Beast Boy called Mangle to come in the office, so she went to the office by the air vent and Beast Boy threw Mangle on the floor and quickly rebuilt her. Mangle wasn't that thing any more, with hands in the head and hands on the belly, mangle was now beautiful again, and Beast Boy rebuilt her with some more things so the kids didn't destroy Mangle again. Mangle returned to the Kids Cove and in the next day, kids tried to destroy Mangle, but they couldn't. In the next night, Beast Boy built a little pillow house/cove on Kid Cove, and he called Mangle to come in the pillow cove. She liked it, and Beast Boy bought vanilla ice creams, chocolate ice creams and sky blue, a very cold ice cream. Mangle's favourite flavour of ice cream was <insert random ice cream here>. Mangle slept on the pillow cove, and when Beast Boy tried to sleep with her, she got destroyed. On the next night, Beast Boy repaired Mangle AGAIN with the things to the kids to not destroy AGAIN. The night after Beast Boy and Mangle played Mario Party 3, but Beast Boy accidentally didn't buy the star and Mangle won, meaning mangle had all of the ice creams.

Rivall Pairs

Fangle (Mangle X Foxy)

Jangle (Jeremy x Mangle)

Any rival pair with the suffix 'Gle'.