Tew's 3D is a Free Roam 3D game coming to this wiki, here are the images made by me only me, and not ripped of the internet and recolored, or stolen.......

Here are the Models I made for the Teaser, remember it was made by me not ripped of google.

Floor 1 Animatronics: Silent Night

Image Character Description
Remodeled Fredbear Icon

Broken Remodeled Fredbear

He roam's the hall's and will make loud stomping noise's, like all the animatronic's, he chase's you like Ignited Freddy from (TJOC:R) You will know when he is there, because you will see his eye's glowing, when he see's you he will chase you very fast, for this just outrun him.

Remodeled Springbonnie Icon

Broken Remodeled Springbonnie

He also roam's the hall's and will chase you much faster than Fredbear, to escape him, you must run closer to the wall's so you can get away faster, try and flash him, he will duck down for 3 seconds, he will recover and will chase you again, but doing that will give you a extra advantage to get away and hit a corner.

Remodeled Golden Foxy

Broken Remodeled Golden Foxy

He will try and get the player, when he is looking at the cam's, he mostly peek's out before charging, when you see him, switch to your camera, and snap a pic of him, the light flash will cause him to stop for about 5 second's, before gaining more speed than last time.

Remade Bonnie

Scrapped Bonnie 2.0

Scrapped Bonnie does not like noise, and if you make loud noise's he will hear you and he will find you, for this just try to walk as light as you can, and if he come's, then you might as well call it a Good Game.

Remade Mr.Hippo

Scrapped Mr.Hippo

Scrapped Mr.Hippo doesn't like to get you when your walking, he doesn't want to be seen, he will try to sneak up on you, mostly when your in the office area, when he does try to, be smart, cause if you let him sneak you, then you'll finally get to see his him face to face.



Watch out, he's an evil boi.

Endo Remade
Bronze Endoskeleton 2.1 The Bronze Endoskeleton will appear and will not harm you but it will try to scare you only, and will run off, sometime's if your in your office it will lock your door's, so they can't close, it is unknown how to stop him, try looking back every once and a while.

Floor 2 Animatronics: Crisp Screaming

Image Character Description