"Let's play!"



Huma is a humanoid 2.0 childlike animatronic,he is used to talk to the animatronics to increase the

entertainment product and is used to cheer upset kids up at the location. He does this by shooting confetti and making a party favor noise. He can also make a noise of any farm animal at night. He will stuff you in a suit if he finds you. He can also make the same Freddy laugh as Freddy did in the first game. He is also known to make the XSCREAM sound from the first game as well.


He looks like a human,but with some flaws, as his hands has four fingers. He wears blue jeans and a red long sleeved shirt. His shirt has a star-shaped pattern with big bold purple letters spelling,"Have Fun!" He will have endoskeleton eyes at night.


Night 1

Is least inactive.

Night 2

Moderately active and has a higher chance to head towards the office.

Night 3

Also moderately active and can now disable cameras. Now has a higher chance to head towards The Office.

Night 4

Very active and now has a 75% chance to beeline to the office

Night 5

Extremely active and will always head to The Office

Night 6

Most active.

Night 7

Can custom set his A.I.


He starts in the Game area. He can go to:

  1. The Main Hall
  2. Party Room 3
  3. Party Room 4
  4. Outside Hall
  5. Back to Main Hall
  6. Prize Corner
  7. Repeat 2.

If you fail to catch him in the Hallway, he will get into your Office, neglecting to put on the mask will result in death.



  • "Hello kids! Welcome to Freddy's!
  • "Aww, feeling down? That's horrible!"
  • "Have fun!"


  • "Come on out, I don't bite..."
  • "Come out, come out, wherever you are..."
  • "I know you're here..."
  • "You can't hide forever..."