"Be sure to keep an eye on the goat... she is a sneaky one..." ~ Phone gal


Greeda is a goat animatronic who is usually around Sheep/goat stable, she usually will go after the night gaurd after the second night.


Greeda is a very stubborn girl, she will usually do the things her way, not caring if its the right way. She always wants to be right in what she says, she will never give in that she IS wrong if she said something wrong. She will start a discussion with the one who tells her she is wrong.


Greeda the goat


  • She is usually wrong in what she says
  • She will never try another way then what she always has done
  • She usually is the one to give cupcakes to childeren
  • She has horns, but never uses them to hurt others


Shepherd: Friends

Swissle: Friends

Bandit: Crush

Buster: Best friends

Chaos: Complicated

Angel: Unknown