"Hello? Heeeeeeeeeello? Well, I heard that a animatronic from 1987 has returned and is haunting this Pizzeria at night, His name is GoldenFreddy1987...He seems to secretly be a murderer at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza...He can seem to summon the animatronics at night...But his name before he got stuffed was Purple Man...Yeaaah i think he does go on his own PC to go chat, He can even whisper some creepy things that are really unsettling...If you see him, Try shutting off the Show Stage camera because that is where he usually starts getting to your office, Yeah i know, You never shut off a camera before but, Its the only way. Just be quick about it because he is just like Foxy from the previous location, Except he is in the office and he is not running to the door... Anyway, Good luck! See you tomorrow! Goodnight!"

-Phone guy from Night 1 (FNAF2)

GoldenFreddy1987 is a yellow animatronic bear that seems to be a guitarist on-stage.


GoldenFreddy1987 in December!

Weapon of choice

A bloody purple knife.


Messing around with FredBear, Disagreeing with things that are NOT true.


Being attempted to be killed, Screwed around with, Being disagreed with.

Lives at

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.