Garry is a malle animatronic who was discontinued, and featured in FNaF.

He used to entertain children until the event known as "the bite of '90" occurred. Not much is known about this, but reports have been confirmed that he killed someone in the year of 1990, causing him to be in a state of disrepair and thrown into the Backstage.


He is an arctic wolf with hazel eyes. His height is the same as the 1.0 animatronics. He can be seen in the Backstage, lying down on the floor.


He is quite aggressive towards the player. Similar to the other animatronics, he can stare directly at the camera. If he is watched frequently, he will attempt to kill the player. If the player closes the door on his face, he will bang on the door. Unlike Foxy, he has the ability to deplete 15% of the restaurant's power per bang. He bangs two times, and his voice is slightly distorted.




"This will be the last time you see me."

"Don't close this stupid door on my face!"

"You fool!"

"You kidding me?"


"Darn it!"


Garry in 1988.


  • The quote "This will be the last time you see me." is a reference to Team Fortress 2, in which Spy says the same quote.