The Backstory

Garfield's desire for Itallian food will never die, so what could possibly go wrong stealling a bit of it from the locall pizzeria? Unless...

When sneaking into Freddy Fazbear's Pizza at night, the fat furry chap didn't expect anything but pizza and some mascots. After trying to burst into the Kitchen, Bonnie caught him from behind, which almost gave them both a heart attack. The animatronic was trying to carry Garfield into the Backstage to finish the job, he broke his leg from carrying, and Garfield breaks free. Just when he was about to leave, he turned around and saw the misery of Bonnie. He felt bad so he took a spare leg from the Parts/Service room and replaced Bonnie's broken one. The animatronic bunny then decided not to stuff Garfield into costume, but made a robot named after him.


Garfield starts at the Kid's Cove and rarely attacks the player, but he just loves to troll them. Some of his pranks are:

  • Switching camera placements
  • Doing random noises
  • Disguising himself as other animatronics (later nights)
  • Showing the blue screen of death (6th night only)