Frosty was going to be a new animatronic at the new and improved freddy fazbears. (from sequel). She looked like a human more than a polar bear. She had white skin, icey hair (blue) and white ears and a cotton ball like tail. She was removed because she was "to sexy for kids" She was put in the parts and service room, yet she still  looks like she did when she was first made. One the first night, She is inactive. On the 3rd night she is finally active. She is seen staring into the camera of the game area, and standing on a table in the party room. The freddy Mask does not work on her, but if you flash your light she will go away. There is a rare chance  that you will see her in kids cove. This will only work if mangle is gone. She is also seen in prize corner,sitting on the present box, She is known for staring ino the camera at many places. She does not enter through the airvent. Her jump scare is a little different. she jumps from below you,screams, and reaches out her hand to grab you.She also has this huge crush on foxy..And when the new animontronics were scrapped she wasn't scrapped...So she sill exists.In the first game she just stays in pirate cove and peeks a few times. on night five, she leaves pirate cove and runs to the office, like foxy. Her jumpscare is the same as foxy, except a bit different.