Forgotten is a character in Five Lost Nights. 


He is a hollow greyscaled Balloon Boy. He has no eyes, no nose, no cheeks and no teeth at all. He has a tiny crack starting from his head to his mouth.


He sold balloons to kids and adults for a price. He would get money and it would go to the manager. He was not paid attention to more often, and was completely scrapped and dismantled from the pizzeria because of this. His physical ghost stalked the next pizzeria opened by FazCo. Inc., Freddy's Pizza World. Many sightings of him were found since FPW opened, and he went under the name Forgotten ever since.


He often goes into a vent and disables a nearby vent camera, if he enters the office, there is no way of getting rid of him. He will jumpscare you if pull up the monitor.


  • Hence no teeth, his mouth resembles a smile.
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