Staff are users that have a position of power in their user groups. More info on user groups can be found here.


Bureaucrats alone can't do much; however, it is the highest possible user group given by any other user. They must be given the user group of admin if they wish to have any power over the chat/forums, etc.

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List of Bureaucrats

LeTesla (Owner)
HugeClockTowerFan (Co-owner)

Wiki Admins

Wiki administrators can ban users in chat, block users on the wiki, remove threads, change others' user groups, and so on. They are the 2nd highest user group given by another user.

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List of Wiki Admins


Discord Moderators

Discord moderators can do everything the Wiki admins can, but they mainly watch over the Discord server.

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List of Discord Moderators



Rollbacks have the ability to undo edits quicker than normal users in the advanced wiki activity, history, or diff.

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List of Rollbacks

Currently none

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