The Dining Area is home of Simon, and is the largest area within Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, though it has no effect on gameplay.

The Dining Area is usually the first place Bonnie and Chica go after becoming active. Both Bonnie and Chica can be seen behind the third row of tables, near the left side of the screen. Occasionally, they will wallk right in front of the camera, so only their silhouettes are visible. also, Freddy can be seen in the back area as well.


The Dining Area seems to be a large area with tables lined in up in rows, ready for parties. In the darkness, the walls of the Dining Area cannot be seen. The tables themselves are covered in white tablecloths with confetti patterns on them. In the middle of the tables, lined up in a row, are different colored party hats. Chairs line the tables on both sides. The chairs have confetti patterns as well, and have a large gold star on the backrest of each. The floor is colored with blue and red tiles. A light illuminates the center of the room.

Unseen in this room is the Show Stage, which is behind the camera, the door leading to the Backstage area, Pirate Cove, and the openings leading to the West Hall, East Hall, and Restrooms. Sometimes, Simon can disable this camera or stare at it for 2 minutes in-game.


  • Very rarely, Garry can be seen at this camera. However, this does not do anything.
  • It is unknown why Simon lives here.
  • Sometimes this camera is disabled temporarily.