"There's an animatronic... boy in the place where the kids eat. I don't know how he moves so quickly, but I guess that's because he's a kid. You have to keep an eye on him when you're not checking on the other ones. He gets to your office quickly sometimes, you know? Sometimes the staff call him Speedy or Jumper."

-Phone Guy, Night 1 (FNAF 1)

Aaron is a child-sized humanoid animatronic. During the day, Aaron goes to tables in the Dining Area and plays games like Rock-Paper-Scissors and Bubblegum with children.


FNaF 1

Aaron always starts at the Dining Area and is usually seen standing in the far left corner. As the nights progress, Aaron's behavior is different. On Night 1, Aaron is almost completely inactive as he will only leave the Dining Area in the later hours, and will rarely appear in the blind spots. On Night 2, Aaron will start to leave more quickly, yet he will only do this when Bonnie and Chica have left the stage. Aaron's movement is announced by a SLIGHTLY deeper version of the laugh that is heard when you view the Golden Freddy poster. On Night 3, Aaron gets very dangerous and can move at 1 AM from the Dining Area. On this night he will also head to the Kitchen and make a noise similar to when Chica is in the kitchen, but not as loud. On Night 4 he can seem to teleport from the Dining Area to East Hall Corner almost immediately. After Night 4 he does not appear in the blind spots. On Night 5 he can move at 12 AM straight to East Hall Corner. If Aaron is spotted in East Hall Corner the player must keep a constant eye on him to make sure he doesn't enter The Office. On Night 6, Aaron is almost impossible to keep out of the office.

Note that Aaron always moves in this pattern: Dining Area-Restrooms-Kitchen-East Hall-East Hall Corner-The Office

FNaF 2

Aaron is the only old animatronic who hasn't been replaced by a Toy version and is still intact and used as a substitute Balloon Boy, handing out balloons during the day. Aaron starts out in the Parts and Service room,and slowly makes his way to The Office via the Right Air Vent. His behavior is the same on all nights. He leaves usually early in the night and can go to the Main Hall, Party Room 4, Party Room 2, Right Air Vent, and then The Office. Aaron can also get in using the hallway connecting to The Office.

Fun Fact: Aaron is the only animatronic to keep the XSCREAM file from the first game.